Everything and Nothing

I can hear the rain falling on a metal roof;
It kindly puts me in a state of dreams.
I see it and I feel it--and yet remain aloof.
Everything and nothing join at the seams.
This easy high has always done me good.
Naturally, spiritually, in touch . . .
Well, that's the way I came, and I understood
Everything and nothing mean so much.
I can't see the clouds for the rain that's in my eyes;
Still, I know they're out there in the haze.
And I know that, just beyond them, there are sunny skies.
This is one of those days.
Now I believe my eyes, I think, and most of what I feel,
Some of what I read and what I hear.
I try to be prepared for life, to know what's really real--
Sure as I am that I am not as I appear.
Everything and nothing, blending themes.
Strong silent facts contain the loudest screams.
Reveling in theoretical extremes,
Everything and nothing is what it seems.

W. C. Wampler

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